23-24 May 2014

The event of Rally Saturnus is certainly the oldest and by far the most well-known event in automobile sport in Slovenia.
Last year it was organized for the 35th time in a row. Each year, the event was attended by more than 20.000 spectators.  It first started 36 years ago in Ljubljana and quickly became very well known in former Yugoslavia and elsewhere. In those times the rally was attended by top-level competitors from many European countries.

In 1978 as well as in the next four years the organization of Rally Saturnus was entrusted to our leading automobile club AMD SLOVENIJA AVTO, which later more or less actively participated in organizing the event. In year 2007 we therefore decided to take over the organization as part of the anniversary celebration. Our primary goal is to help RALLY SATURNUS regain its status as the main, most important and well attended motor racing event in region, and take place in Ljubljana where it all first started.